Ready Women Training Portal

Ready Women Training Portal

Ready Women for New Employments Project Short-term joint staff training events started in Istıtuto Deı Sordı Dı Torıno in 1st June and lasts in 3 days.There are 25 participants from 10 partners.Participant countries are Italy, Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Portugal.

Activity Description

-Needs of disabled women at job searching

-Job opportunities in NYE and emerging sectors for women with dissabilities.-Transversal and soft skills

-Cirricula and pedagogic materials aimed to the training of transversal competences and soft skills for disabled women with fewer oppotunities.-Designing e-portfolio via weebly.

C1The learning activity has as a goal to provide adult education professionals with the adequate training material in order to improve job opportunities for women with disabilities (mainly physical and sensory disabilities).

To be more specific, this activity will help the practitioners:
- to support women with physical and sensory disabilities to get aware of their transversal and social skills;
- to strengthen them in order to increase their chances of an adequate equal integration into the labor market, with special focus in those job opportunities linked to New Yields of Employment.

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